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Each recipe comes packed with information on calories, nutrients and vitamins so you can lead a balanced healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, we hope you enjoy them with your family and friends. 


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Image by Toby Christopher


Image by Kajetan Sumila

Pilates requires your core to react to a variety of exercises, improving your range of movement and increasing strength. The sessions last 30 minutes and leave you feeling with a new found freedom in your movement patterns.

Zumba Class

HIIT'n'core class challenges different energy systems to push you to your limits of fatigue. It's moderate to high intensity and each exercise can be adjusted so you can work at your own level.

Yoga at Home

The HIIT'n'ranges class is built to improve your movement skills, it's low to moderate intensity and is perfect if you want to increase your range of movement.

Weight Training

The Skill shops are there to develop your skills, if you'd like to be able to do a press up or make your squat a little deeper then these sessions are great for helping you achieve that.

Image by Carl Heyerdahl



The HIIT'n'run classes are put together to help you improve your running technique, we work on three things which are rapid foot strike, knee drive to accelerate the pelvis and a rigid core as you run. You'll see an improvement in your times and feel amazing at the same time.

Image by Jonathan Borba

There also perfect for use at home if you don't have any fitness equipment or you just want a new challenge.

Image by Alexander Jawfox

Complete the challenge where you'll see an improvement in your muscular endurance, movement patterns and completion time.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

The  workouts will take you through a workout focused on an area of your body and are made specifically to fatigue the muscle.

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