The Process

1 - The Chase sports performance process starts with an initial consultation. During this discussion we look to gather information on injury history, the sport you play and the specific attributes you'd like to improve.

2 - Taking the content gathered from the initial discussion, we analyse the information and where needed we read the latest scientific research on any injury history or how best to improve the attributes that you're looking to work on. This gives us the best chance of helping you to improve your performance.

3 -With the latest research and your goal at the fore front of our programme design, Chase starts to put in place an individualised training programme that has one thing in mind, improving your performance.

4 - In each session we consider:


  •  Biomechanics, how you complete tasks needed for your sport.

  • The energy systems required so we can test your performance when fatigued.

  • Psychology, we create in play situations during the session to push you beyond your limits and make sure you can perform the skill set you acquire under pressure.

5 - At the end of this programme we use a fitness test, specifically developed for the skill that you wish to improve so we can consistently show an improvement in your performance.




I first hired Dan for just 6 sessions to kick start my training regime and in prep for the start of my netball season but enjoyed the sessions so much I am still working with him.

I quickly saw results losing body fat and ultimately weight and changing shape and dropping a dress size. Playing netball at the highest domestic level I need to be challenged which Dan did and still continues to push and change my programme where needed, Dan shows a great understanding of my sport and ensures they adapt my sessions in line to what is needed in netball.

I recently suffered a serious knee injury but continued my sessions with Dan and he continues to push me as far as I can with my rehab work to ensure I am in the best shape before my surgery.

Dan is very approachable, always on time and ensures you get the best experience out of your sessions. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is looking to achieve any goal in their training/lifestyle.


"I have been working with Dan for some time now. He has been coaching me as a competing power lifter and therefore our focus is largely on strength work. 

He has seen me through competition preparation including nutrition and attending with me. I have seen dramatic increases in my strength both physically and mentally since working with Dan.


He strikes a good balance of "tough love" and providing constructive support which is perfect for my training and personality. All of my programs he writes are bespoke and he takes into account my input too which I really appreciate. 


I would highly recommend Dan to anyone whether starting out or an already established gym goer."

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