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Aiming to improve your health and fitness for a specific goal? No matter what the goal, we’ve got you covered.

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Your questions, answered

Where do you train clients

I work from a Private Personal Training studio, offering face to face sessions set in Manchester, Lower Byrom Street. If you prefer to train from home then I do offer sessions online via Zoom.

I'm suffering from pain/coming back from injury, can you accommodate this

I certainly can, I do ask that you have seen a doctor or physio before you train with us and received a diagnosis from which we can work from. There are certain diagnosis's that I may not be able to help with but I'll always do my best to help or assist you in finding someone that can.

How much are you and how do I pay

Much like the PT packages we offer, we also offer bespoke payment packages so we'll ask you if you have a monthly budget for personal training that we can cater for. A one hour session is £60. 

What qualifications do you have

Faster Training Expert (Faster Function)

Sports Performance Expert (Faster Function)

Injury Recovery to Performance Specialist (Faster Function) 

Personal Training, Level 3 (future fit)

What are specialist areas

I work alongside clients looking to improve sporting performance, relieve pain and lead a healthy lifestyle. I'll take the time to understand your goal fully and deliver it as a great experience for you.

What sort of fitness level do I need to be

Any fitness level at all, we all start somewhere.

Do you offer Nutritional advice

I am a functional movement coach and that's where I can help you but I do work alongside the superb Eleanor Rees (Qualified Nutritionist) and we can work together to make sure you get the perfect results.


All we need is your goal

Female Training

"I started training with Dan for the sole purpose of getting in shape for my wedding. Dan was amazing in helping me achieve my body goals in time for the wedding but, more importantly, he has motivated me to keep up my training ever since (something I never would have thought possible).

As my goals have changed Dan has tailor-made programmes to help me achieve those goals.  At the moment we’re working on my long-distance running and Dan has been invaluable in helping me with both the physical training and my nutrition.

In short, over the last few years, Dan has helped me lose inches, tone and improve my overall fitness and lifestyle generally.  I cannot recommend him enough."


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