Aiming to improve your health and fitness for a specific goal? No matter what the goal, we’ve got you covered.

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The Process


1 - The Chase Personal Training process starts with a goal setting consultation, we want to help you develop your health and fitness goal so it's so strong and so accurate you'll be motivated even when times get tough.

2 - We use a scientific based approach to your training sessions and we also take time to understand how you want to feel at each stage of every session to guarantee a great experience as you achieve your goals.

3 - With this information we can start to programme your sessions to the finest detail to achieve your goal.

4 - This process is ongoing consistently challenging you to improve your skill set, achieve your goal and then re-evalutating to set your next goal.

NUTRITION - A huge part of leading a healthy lifestyle is eating a balance of the right foods, we work alongside qualified nutritionist Eleanor Rees who provides everything you need to do just that.


All we need is your goal

Female Training

"I started training with Dan for the sole purpose of getting in shape for my wedding. Dan was amazing in helping me achieve my body goals in time for the wedding but, more importantly, he has motivated me to keep up my training ever since (something I never would have thought possible).

As my goals have changed Dan has tailor-made programmes to help me achieve those goals.  At the moment we’re working on my long-distance running and Dan has been invaluable in helping me with both the physical training and my nutrition.

In short, over the last few years, Dan has helped me lose inches, tone and improve my overall fitness and lifestyle generally.  I cannot recommend him enough."