A Personal Training service built using our process to achieve your goal delivered as a great experience, both online and in person.

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How can we help you

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You're already performing to a high level in your sport but you now want to find the marginal gains that will make you better than your opponent?

Chase puts a programme in place that develops the specific skill set you require for not only your sport but where applicable your position and attributes.

Training at Home

You want to lose weight, increase muscle mass or improve your lifestyle? You know what you need to do to achieve these results but what have you thought about the journey you want to take to get there?

Chase will develop a programme that you enjoy but at the same time challenges you every step of the way.


Your injury has heeled and you've completed your rehab exercises but what is the next step when it comes to returning to your peak?


  Chase work alongside  Physiotherapists, helping clients to regain confidence in their movement after injury or when trying to overcome pain.

Tying Shoelaces

You'd like to exercise more but nothing fits in with your daily routine?

Chase plus provides an online service which gives you access to classes, workouts and recipe inspiration, 24/7.


Bringing the very best coaches to help you achieve your goals


Dan Farr

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Hi, I'm Dan and owner of Chase Health & Performance. A love of sport and movement brought me to a career in the fitness industry, and for the vast majority of that I've educated myself to be the best and continue to do so.

The benefits of training with me:

When developing a clients session you can have the confidence to know that evidence will underpin your programmes.

You can relax knowing that I will hit the right energy systems to help you achieve your goals and feel great during and after the sessions.

 With my understanding of how the human body moves I can build exercise programmes for anyone looking to improve sports performance, overcome injury/pain or to find a perfect lifestyle balance. 

I look forward to working with you!

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Eleanor Rees

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Eleanor Rees (MSc, BSc)  a Performance Nutritionist working in a number of nutrition environments including professional football ranging from girls, youth, league one teams and academies in Uganda. Other sports worked with include rugby, tennis, triathletes and cyclists.


My personal business assists private gyms & many individual amateur athletes progressing in their sporting careers and general populations wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes.


Also currently studying a self driven PHD surrounding food behavioural psychology. Always looking for a new challenge or aspect of performance nutrition to get involved in. 


All we need is your goal

"Playing netball at the highest domestic level I need to be challenged which Dan did and still continues to push and change my programme where needed, he shows a great understanding of my sport and ensures he adapts my sessions in line to what is needed in professional netball."

 Karen Greig