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Fine Tuning Your Body for Your Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The reason your programme should be specific

You spend your leisure time heading to the gym to make yourself feel better, look great and in many cases prevent injury which is awesome.

The exercises you often see in a gym have been passed down through the years by lifters and bodybuilders, and those get some results, generic ones that can be slow to show.

Adding in exercises that have been built specifically for you can:

  • Target the exact muscles you want to train

  • Make you fitter in ways that are specific to your life

  • Feel better to perform and are often more enjoyable

  • Allow you to work harder and so get quicker results

Precise and consistent training is the key

Building a programme around the movements you use for your lifestyle will lead you to produce a fitness regime that will make you feel the benefits every time you move. It will be these reminders that give you the extra motivation when it comes to training.

This is snippet of how I do this using the Chase process

  • Initial and constant discussions to identify your true goal, and allow it to evolve over time as you get fitter and more motivated.

  • A specific science lead exercise programme is built using a variety of the exercises that improve the skills you need and get you to your goal, and that are designed specifically for how you move.

  • Each programme is then built with your experience as the priority, you will know that each workout will be fun, challenging, achievable and make you want to come back again and again.

Click here to contact me with regards to personal training with Chase.

Check out this video of me, playing with squat variations before I add them into the right clients programmes.

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