The Process

1 - The Chase injury/pain recovery process starts with an intial consultation. The most important part of these intial discussions are to work on a goal, injury or pain should only ever be a hurdle on the way to achieving this.

2 - Chase can not diagnose injury or pain so if you have not already done so we will refer you to a doctor or Physio so we know exactly what we are dealing with and most importantly if we can help you.

3 - The diagnosis is important so we can read the research on your injury/pain, we'll look into the recovery time and plan your programme right up until the point you achieve your goal.

4 - The aim in every session is to increase your confidence in how your body moves, that means we need to balance hightentening the risk of your movement in a environment that is safe and of course you feel confident to do so.

Meet the Physio


Sam is a qualified Physiotherapist with a background working in Elite Rugby Union and League. Most recently Sam has worked with Widnes Vikings in SuperLeague and before that Gloucester Rugby and Cardiff Blues in the world of Rugby Union. 

Since then Sam had been working in private practice as an MSK sports Physiotherapist and as a movement specialist. 


Sam’s interests and expertise lie in working with multi-plane athletes including golfers and tennis players, also working with every day gym goers who are looking to maintain their training while injured.


Sam has both a physical and mental approach to rehabilitation, his goal is to identify the true stressor causing the injury, not just solely focusing on the injured area ensuring you return from injury moving and feeling better then ever.

If you're already working with a Physio and would like us to work alongside them during your rehabilitation then we are always happy to do so to provide the best service for our clients.




"Right,  I'll admit it. I'm a challenging client. I've had a lifetime of sporting, congenital and sporting injuries, the result of which is a hyper-competitive 30-something with a plethora of neuroses. Every week I turn up with a new problem, niggle or twinge.

Dan has managed all of these challenges expertly. He really takes the time to understand his clients and their needs, and because he knows me, I trust him. He knows when to push, triage and analyse. He knows when I'm in pain or just failing to focus. He knows how important my amateur sporting achievements are to me, and he is dedicated to helping me get there.

Most of all, he knows how to make me enjoy getting stronger. What's more, I've never felt stronger. I move more efficiently, more confidently. I wobble less (all round). Every step isn't a terrifying possibility of 3 months in physiotherapy.

It's been almost 2 years since I last had an injury that took me off the court or out of the gym.  That's exactly the same amount of time that Dan has been in charge of my training plan.

Although I've come a long way,  I'll never be free of my conditions - but there's still more to do, and I'm certain I have the right guidance and expertise to achieve these goals. I believe I will get there - and there's no other trainer I would want on this journey with me. "


"I started training with Dan to reduce the pain I feel, as I suffer from chronic pain in the back of my hamstrings and lower back.  Since working with Dan I have noticed a massive reduction in pain, thanks to his excellent exercise regime.


Our sessions are always hard work but with an element of fun and certainly never boring. Dan tailor’s sessions to my requirements and challenges me to improve strength and meet my goals. I would recommend Chase to anyone who has injury’s or suffers from pain to regain normality.

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